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"I'm a collector of memories, a follower of dreams, a keeper of time. I freeze it with every snap of my shutter."

Hiram Trillo is a professional wedding photographer based in Fort Worth who has been shooting weddings internationally for 8 yrs. Through out his career he has won multiple international awards as well as being named one of the top 50 wedding photographers in the world. His look at every wedding is more than just recording an event; each wedding is a blank canvas for which he wants to create original pieces for each couple. He strives to capture you as you are simple, beautiful, and timeless.


"For me each couple is unique and I want to create original pieces that they will cherish for years to come. I always shoot with the next generation in mind, I want their children to look at their images and cherish them as much as they do. Each couple bring their own story therefore each wedding is not just an event but rather a cluster of moments they can relieve through my imagery. My goal is to capture the essence of their wedding and those unseen moments."